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Challenge of the LED development

The science of lighting is one of the most complex but exciting disciplines in the world. Lighting has always played a crucial role in the history of human civilization. Starting from the use of fire, we have been learning to use artificial light sources and studying their characteristics.

Entering the electronic age, we have experienced incandescent, neon, sodium, halogen and fluorescent lightings, but none of these can compare to LEDs in terms of spectral complexity. The development of LEDs, both technically and in the marketplace, has made it no longer a simple light source, so we face an increasing number of challenges that cover semiconductors, color and lighting science, chemistry, optics, biology, optoelectronics, and even a range of different professional disciplines such as thermology, materials and circuitry when applied to end products.

LED development

Although LED involves several cross-disciplines, its mathematical and scientific nature remains the same, whether the light we study is visible, non-visual, human-centric, color-centric, plant-centric, or centering on any other specific spectral response. Today we use LEDs as the dominant light source, but it is difficult to predict what we will use in the future and when it will come true. It is especially important to try to understand the nature of light and the properties derived from it, which is the only way we can catch up with the latest developments in lighting.

Another important factor that is always overlooked is the consideration of the LED supply chain. For specialized LED projects, meeting the technical and quality requirements is of course a priority, however, stability of supply and cost effectiveness should be considered equally important, especially with the rapid development of LED technology. For customers, the best solution is generally not the most expensive, nor is it blindly high-tech, but should be a well-researched and rigorously argued conclusion with balanced consideration of cost and supply.

Yujileds strengths and achievements

Yujileds has a group of people who are passionate about creating maximum value for our customers. We are dedicated to the development of LED phosphors, LED light sources and final products, and have accumulated unique experience in different projects. Currently, the company gathers more than 30 experts from various fields such as semiconductor, chemistry, optics, photoelectricity, circuitry, materials and color science etc.

Over the past 16 years, we have served 260 corporate clients in more than 33 countries and regions. With subsidiaries or distributors in six locations including China, USA, the UK and Japan, we are now reaching the global markets with the full coverage efficiently.

focusing on LED and relevant technologies with professional experience.
in semiconductor, chemistry, photo electricity, color science, circuitry and materials.
for R&D, production, QC, logistics, marketing, purchase, sales.
in Beijing, Xi’an, Shenzhen, Los Angeles, Tokyo and London as subsidiary or distributor.
global coverage for business development including LED and phosphor business.
from 33+ countries all over the world in different professional markets.

In Yujileds manufacturing workshop and technical laboratory, we focus on identifying the matching and discrepancy between concept and reality from both theoretical simulation and actual prototype. Some unpredictable factors, problems and phenomena emerge during the experimental process, while some breakthroughs and innovations are also generated.

In the commercial markets, we are committed to providing comprehensive solutions for specific lighting applications by gaining an in-depth understanding of these markets. Our goal is not simply to provide LED products, but to grow with our customers and share the success of the business.

What will we do next?

There is much more to an LED than the data in the datasheet. On the product pages, more technical and material details are fully presented to help customers get the necessary and precise information to identify and find the right product solution as far as possible.

However, details alone are still not enough; products are only meaningful when applied to actual use, and many problems that cannot be predicted in advance will be reflected in specific cases. In the Case Study page, we carefully analyze typical cases and summarize them objectively, trying to provide tips to remind customers of the details they should pay attention to in actual use, and to evaluate and predict actual performance.

Different cross-disciplinary knowledge can be involved in each case, and we want to share the knowledge of LED technology, production, quality and every characteristic for customers who are not in the LED field but for whom LED knowledge is essential for their applications. Both fundamental and advanced expertise will be included in the “Learn” page and we always try to make it easy to understand.

Ultimately, with information such as product details, essential knowledge and practical cases, our mission is to assist our clients to gain insights efficiently and productively. We help you take care of your light.

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