ISO3664:2009 Compliant

D50 LED Color Viewing Lamp

Perfect for graphic arts industry, ensure most accurate visual evaluations.

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Color Management Begins with Standard Lighting

Managing color properly is of vital importance in the graphic arts industry, and color management should start with standard lighting. Whether for commercial printing or package printing, all parties in the supply chain need to evaluate the color of printing products under consistent and accurate viewing conditions. ISO3664:2009 is the newest international color viewing standard for the graphic technology and photography industries. The standard specifies a color temperature of 5000K and spectral power distribution of CIE D50 (standard illuminant of daylight simulation).

YUJILEDS D50 LED Color Viewing Lamp Comply with ISO3664:2009 (2-year warranty)

YUJILEDS D50 LED T8 tube features true full spectrum daylight, with UVA content for evaluating color on OBA contained paper. The lamp offers high CRI, low metamerism indices in both visible and ultraviolet ranges, accurate color coordinates (10°): U’ = 0.2102/ V’ = 0.4889, and stable light output & color points during entire lifespan. These tubes create an ideal viewing condition compliant with ISO3664: 2009 standard. Thanks to our proprietary engery-saving LED technology, energy use can be reduced by 30%. 

Other benefits include instant on/off, low heat output, no hum, no mercury &  flicker-free, and customizable lengths. It can be directly applied to T8 fluorescent tube lamp slot, applicable for color viewing booths and stations. Our products are CE, RoHS certified and meet the standard of UL.

Key Advantages


CCT 5000k


Chromaticity Tolerance

CRI Ra>97

Color Rendering Index

MIvis Grade C or B

Metamerism Index visible

MIuv Grade C or B

Metamerism Index UV

>17,500 hrs

Lifetime within ISO specifications

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