Yujileds Products

AP series LED

New era of full spectrum technology.

BC series LED

High CRI, efficient, full line-up.

Wlbeing series LED

Get health and well-being from the light.

Monochromatic Series LED

Pure color and full wavelength.

VTC series LED

The future of LED lighting.

Nourish series LED

Seed, bloom, fruit.

Multichromatic Series LED​

Full tunability in one compact package.

Specialized LEDs

Solutions for different applications.

LED package list

AP series LED NEW!

        3030 (0.2W)


VTC series LED

        2835X (0.2W, Gen2)

        2835MX (0.4W, Gen2)

        135XL COB (5W)

        135L COB (9W)


BC series LED

        2835L (0.2W, Gen3)

        2835M (0.5W, Gen3) NEW!

        5555MX (0.5W, 60° optical lens)

        3030 (1.0W, Gen3)

        3030 (1.0W, efficient, Gen4) NEW!

        3032 (Tunable 2-in1, 1.0W) NEW!


Nourish series LEDNEW!

        2835HP (0.2W, 3.0μmol/J)

        3030HP (0.2W, 3.0μmol/J)

        2835LP (0.2W, 2.87μmol/J)

Monochromatic series LED NEW!

        SX 2835 01V (400nm)

        SX 2835 01B (450nm)

        SX 2835 01G (520nm)

        SX 2835 01R (630nm)


Multichromatic series LED

        RGB 5050L (0.2W)

        RGB 5050H (0.5W)

        RGB 5054 (1.5W) NEW!

        RGB 3535 (3.0W) NEW!

        RGBWW 5050L (0.2W)

        RGBWW 7070 (2.0W)


Wlbeing series LEDNEW!

        •        3030 (0.2W-1.0W, M/P ratio 1.0)