Multichromatic Series LED
Full tunability in one compact package.

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Why multichromatic series LED?

Vs. monochromatic series LED

The monochromatic series LED is defined as “one color/CCT in one LED package”, when demanding composite colors or tunable CCTs, it is necessary to mix different LEDs and integrate them on a printed circuit board (PCB) and drive individually. 

The multichromatic series LED is defined as “integrated colors/CCTs in one LED package”.  There is no difference in the driving channels, but the performance brings more compact construction and higher power density. 

Easier for lighting diffussion

It is possible to observe the visible tints even after a diffuser when there are several colors/CCTs mixed in limited space. 

The lighting distribution is more uniform if the LED package is multichromatic in a compact design. 

Introduce the product line

RGB 3-in-1 LED

Yujileds R/G/B integrated LED is widely used in many applications like architectural lighting, film lighting and other industries that require monochromatic and dynamic spectrum LED with tunable saturated colors. The RGB 3-in-1 LED aims to creating the most possible colors that human eyes can recognize, a full color-gamut can be achieved and  it is possible to reach any color point within the “triangle” by appropriate control. Typically, The color gamut covers 99% Rec.709 (sRGB), 90% Adobe RGB and 90% DCI-P3. The mix of R/G/B can create an infinite variety of different colors, which makes the LEDs suitable for lighting designers to inspire the ideas, and it is also available to be applied to the pixel spot for linear or matrix panel light.


Standard low power version, typical 0.06W per color.


Improved power version, typical 0.2W per color.


Mid-power version, typical 0.5W per color.


High power version, typical 1.0W per color.

Surface Mount Device




Package size5.0mm * 5.5mm5.0mm * 5.5mm5.0mm * 5.4mm3.5mm * 3.5mm
RedRated current20mA60mA150mA350mA
Forward voltage2.0V (typical)1.9V - 2.4V2.0V - 2.4V1.8V - 2.4V
Luminance700mcd - 900mcd (luminous intensity)41mW - 47mW (radiant power)19lm - 23lm (luminous flux)50lm - 80lm (luminous flux)
Dominant wavelength620nm - 630nm615nm - 630nm620nm - 630nm620nm - 625nm
GreenRated current20mA60mA150mA350mA
Forward voltage3.0V (typical)2.7V - 3.5V2.9V - 3.4V2.6V - 3.2V
Luminance1600mcd - 1800mcd (luminous intensity)29mW - 36mW (radiant power)40lm - 45lm (luminous flux)80lm - 120lm (luminous flux)
Dominant wavelength520nm - 530nm515nm - 530nm520nm - 530nm520nm - 530nm
BlueRated current20mA60mA150mA350mA
Forward voltage3.0V (typical)2.8V - 3.5V3.0V - 3.4V3.0V - 3.4V
Luminance500mcd - 600mcd (luminous intensity)67mW - 77mW (radiant power)9lm - 12lm (luminous flux)20lm - 40lm (luminous flux)
Dominant wavelength465nm - 475nm450nm - 465nm455nm - 460nm450nm - 460nm
Spectral power distribution (normalized CSV)Red / Green / Blue
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RGBW 4-in-1 LED

Yujileds RGBW 4-in-1 LED adds a high CRI white light based on the BC Series LED technology. With this extra white light option, the 4-in-1 LED can be used in a variety of applications.

RGBWW 5-in-1 LED

Compared to a standard RGBW 4-in-1 LED, the revolutionary 5050 / 7070 5-in-1 LED brings a secondary white light channel. To balance the CCT, the 5050 / 7070 5-in-1 LED is defined as 2700K, 6500K and R/G/B, but it is a quite different multichromatic LED than the standard version on the market. 

Superb quality on white light

The white light channels of 2700K and 6500K are technically defined the same as BC Series LED with industrial highest color rendition and consistency. Compared to a 4-in-1 LED, the Yujileds 5050 5-in-1 LED increases 100% output, and 7070 5-in-1 LED increases 700%. With super bright white light, this 5-in-1 LED can be applied to more applications.

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