Nourish series LED
Seed, bloom, fruit.

Specific spectrum and efficiency, Boost your growth

3.0μmol/J efficacy with specific spectra

The Nourish series LED utilizes the well-chosen LED die and particular phosphors, which make it achieves the average efficacy as 3.0μmol/J, PPF (Photosynthetic Photon Flux) as 0.53μmol/s at 65mA, and the voltage is controlled within 2.6V – 2.8V for simple electrical design. The spectrum is designed as a balance between the optimization of plant growth and people’s comfort. The 3000K / 4000K CCT simulates the general indoor environment, with Ra 80 color rendition, biologists and agriculturist will have a comfortable environment with this light to work on the plants.

Besides the standard 3000K / 4000K, a specific CCT or spectrum can be customized accordingly for different plants or growth cycles.

2.95μmol/J at 3000K

3.00μmol/J at 4000K

Universal LED package, same and different

The Nourish series LED is available in both 2835 and 3030 LED package with universal foot print for simple replacement. Compared to the general 2835 / 3030 lead frame, the Nourish series optimizes the structure and material for improving the efficacy to the greatest extend. Furthermore, the specifically designed 2835/3030 lead frame makes the available forward current up to 300mA and maintains the reliability.

Nourish 2835HP LED

Nourish 3030HP LED

LM80 certificate

Yujileds provides the official certification of IESNA LM80-08 with 9000 hours data at both 60mA and 300mA for the reference of reliability and maintenance at 55°C, 85°C and 105°C. 

Introduce the product line

Surface Mount Device


Package size2.8mm * 3.5mm3.0mm * 3.0mm
Rated current65mA65mA
Max. current300mA300mA
Forward voltage2.6V – 2.8V (0.1V interval binning)2.6V - 2.8V (0.1V interval binning)
PPF (Photosynthetic Photon Flux)0.53μmol/s0.53μmol/s
PPE (Photosynthetic Photon Efficacy)3.0μmol/J3.0μmol/J
Luminous flux35lm - 38lm35lm - 38lm
CCT3000K / 4000K3000K / 4000K
Chromaticity binSimpleBinningSimpleBinning
Spectral power distribution (normalized CSV)3000K / 4000K3000K / 4000K

More than the Nourish series

Introduce Yujileds AP series LED with the super homogeneous spectrum achieving 98% similarity to the natural light. With the outstanding spectral quality, it offers the best spectrum ever to the horticulture lighting. 

AP 2700K vs. PAR
AP 5000K vs. PAR
AP 6500K vs. PAR
UV 370nm
Near UV 400nm
Deep blue 450nm
Deep red 660nm
Near infrared 730nm

Introduce Yujileds monochromatic series LED for enhancing the specific wavelength for plant growth.

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